The African Medallion Group was founded in early 2017 during the month of March.

Since it’s inception, hundreds of Medallions have been produced and sold within this short period of time. This included the sale of Pan African 1/4 Oz Fine Gold Medallion (Released in April), which sold out in record time and attracted tremendous positive media attention.

The African Medallion Group has continued to break records and set new standards of excellence since then.

Mar 2017


African Medallion Group was founded by Mr Frank Buyanga Sadiqi during March of 2017 as an African initiative to raise awareness on wealth creation and wealth inclusion of fellow Africans.

APR 2017

Pan African Gold Medallion (Launched)

AMG launches it's very first Gold product - the limited Pan African Gold Medallion. This medallion was only limited to 10 units, with all 10 units being sold in record time (less than 8 hours).

MAY 2017

$5 AMD Medallion (Launched)

On 25 May 2017, AMG released the limited edition $5 AMD (African Medallion Dollar) Medallion. Only 100 units of the limited edition medallion were made available to the public at only $5 (USD). Each Medallion came with full certification. This medallion's current value has exceeded $50 (USD) and is only available through AMG's trading portal from one of the initial holders who might be willing to accept bids.

JUN 2017

$1 (AMD) Gold-Backed Medallion (Launched)

The $1 (AMD) Medallion is gold-backed. Each unit of the $1 (AMD) Bronze Medallion in serves as a physical representation of real gold which is stored in AMG's<br /> secure vaults. Since the $1 (AMD) Medallion is backed by Gold, future performance of your purchase will be determined by future gold trends.

AUG 2017

AMG Becomes Recognized Gold Krugerrand Dealer

Along with becoming part of the South African Jewellery Council, the African Medallion Group went on to become one of the few Gold Krugerrand dealers in South Africa. The Krugerrand is a South African gold coin and unit of currency (an industry governed by the Reserve Bank of South Africa). Towards the end of August, AMG's Gold reserves had exceeded R30 Million (ZAR).

NOV 2017

AMG Gold Reserves Reach R500 Million (ZAR)

As of 27 November 2017, African Medallion Group Gold Reserves had reached the R500 Million (ZAR) threshold. This is through gold which was acquired from a South African based gold refinery.

JAN 2018

AMG Gold Reserves Reach R1 BILLION (ZAR)

During the first month of 2018, the African Medallion Group reached yet another milestone - its Gold Reserves reached the R1 Billion (ZAR) mark. With this achievement, the African Medallion Group would keep on striving to reach even greater heights.

APR 2018

$1 Billion (USD) Gold-backed Bond Certificate (Launched)

On the 4th of April 2018, AMG went on to launch the $1 Billion (USD) Gold-backed Bond Certificate initiative. The African Medallion Bond Certificate is Gold-backed and available worldwide. Each is issued based on the client's custom budget, with relevant units of real Fine Gold added to AMG's Secure Storage Vaults.</p> <p>During this time, AMG's gold reserves had gone on to exceed R2 BILLION (ZAR).

MAY 2018

AMG Acquires "The Cape Mint" and "Pagliari Group"

During May of 2018, AMG concluded its acquisition of 2 companies - "The Pagliari Group" and "The Cape Mint" (A precious metals manufacturing facility based in Cape Town). Ths new acquisition is set to be instrumental in the execution of AMG's mission and vision to better serve the African continent and the world at large. At this stage - AMG's gold reserves had exceeded R3.5 BILLION (ZAR).


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